Machine for opening and cutting the woven and tubular knit fabrics in automatic way at high speed operation, designed to reduce the tension during the cutting process.


Made of stainless steel, it makes easier the untwisting of the fabric by operating in synchrony with the detwister.

Bianco® JBOX allows to reduce the amount of water present in the rope, in order to reduce the weight of the fabric and prevent it from elongation. Available in the BIG version for heavy fabrics and big volume.

It makes easier the threading and maintenance operations

Made In Stainless Steel, Guarantees Excellent Untwisting Of The Fabric Rope Without Creating Elongation.

It guarantees excellent distension and centering of the fabric, thanks to the Bianco® FLUO sensor.

Harmonic steel slats with wheels. Adjustable diameter from 290 to 800mm.

Bianco® SK6 drop needle detector for regulating the basket and high working speeds with maximum precision.

Double rollers motorized and covered special rubber tape for fabric advancement.

Allows relaxation of the fabric after the cutting operation

Allows fabric relaxation for a short time. Smaller size than the belt

Spreading unit scroll rollers 360, for distension of the fabrics without tension.

The machine removes, through spray nozzles, the residues of the enzymatic treatment. The entire amount of water used during the washing process is filtered and reused.

Foulard with two rollers that allows to extract the water present in the fabric, in order to guarantee the lowest residual humidity.

It offers the possibility of selecting, from the operator panel, the type of plaiter according to production needs: lever or reel.