It allows the preparation of cellulosic fibers using an impregnation system. Combined with the INNOVA preparation recipe, it makes possible to carry out bleaching treatments directly on the greige material.


Bianco® DOGAL with slatted cylinder and Bianco® FLUO sensor for perfect alignment

Multi-path impregnation tank made of AISI 316L steel. Inside, two suction bars increase the impregnation thanks to the high exchange between chemical product and fabric. With steam pipes for heating the thank itself and the bath.

With multiple herringbone slots to prevent the fabric from being held back during vacuuming causing the formation of marks. The two bars are placed one in front of the fabric and the other in the reverse side of the fabric

It allows to filter the impurities and reuse the same impregnation bath

They allow to reduce the amount of liquor inside the INNO-PAD impregnation tank.

It guarantees a homogeneous squeezing even at low pressures. Under the rollers there is a tank for collecting the resulting liquid from the squeezing

With axial technology (non-contact) to guarantee a constant and homogeneous tension.