Diagonal, curved and sinusoidal texture correction machine.


Dancing roller group at the outlet, made up of two rollers on an oscillating frame for perfect synchrony and adjustment of the fabric tension.

With fixed, mobile or scanning (optional) Bianco® STD3 sensors.

Rubber-coated, they guarantee perfect adjustment of curved distortions.

Three idle rollers ensure perfect adjustment of diagonal distortions.

Two 800 mm diameter idle wheels, with pin sectors along the circumference, rotate at different speeds based on weft distortions.

Ensures fabric distension before pinwheels.

Detects fabric position and drives pin wheels.

Spiral roller for distension the fabrics without tension

Placed immediately before the wheels, it ensures the correct positioning of the fabric.

Display touch screen 15″.

Large diameter and rubberized, to drag the fabric towards the pin wheels