NSKT automatic sealing machine: automatic loading and cadence tray output

The NSKT automatic sealing machine performs the film sealing operation on a pre-formed plastic tray in PP/PET/EVOH ecc.

The NSKT-ATM model is equipped with an optional devidce that allows to seal the product in a modified atmosphere, to ensure the maximum conservation, with possibility to vacuum seal or insert compensation gas.


  • automatic moving device for trays slot
  • adjustable feet
  • date/lot marking device
  • film stretching control
  • take-up reel rapid lock
  • film waste rapid extraction
  • sealed tray rapid extraction


  • heads trolley
  • interchangeable heads
  • date/lot marking device
  • automatic trays feeding
  • air or gas tank (when required)
  • powered vacuum pump (when required)
  • film centering photocell (when necessary)
  • height and width special containers
  • adjustment