MM-330 automated milling machine

The MM-330 AUTOMATED MILLING MACHINE is designed to make holes (with various profiles, T milling, etc.) in pieces of plastic (e.g. plates, dashboards, bumpers), using cutting tools. The machine performs the required milling on the pieces loaded manually. The piece can be of two or more types (e.g. RH drive dashboard, LH drive dashboard). For these machining operations, there are two fixtures, which are placed in positions according to the machining required, as selected by the operator.

The machine mills pieces made of plastic with the use of the milling cutters installed on the robot arm. The piece to be processed is loaded manually and its correct positioning is checked by sensors. There can be different types of pieces: e.g. control panels, dashboards, bumpers etc. Therefore, the manufacturer may provide fixtures for the positioning of the workpiece and modify the software so that the operator can select the machining to be performed.