HS-M flow pack machine: product placement

The HS-M Box Motion electronic flow pack machine can pack a very large range of products allowing protection from external agents. An optional device allows enclosing the product in a modified atmosphere to ensure maximum conservation.

The HS-M, thanks to the travelling eletronic motion, is suitable to package produtcts of large dimension. It is particularly suitable for food, pet food, cosmetics, household, pharmaceutical, electromechanical sectors.


  • device for modified atmosphere
  • right or left output version
  • stainless steel parts (subject to oxidation)
  • automatic devices for product feeding and stabilisation product unit
  • flat or notched , full or partial, warm or cold, wide or narrow sealing units
  • shaped cutting knives, with punches for eurohole, notches for easy opening
  • tracing, hot, inkjet coders, self-adhesive label application
  • side bellows for square bottom
  • side bellows group