BFB-2 Forming Machine: loading tray designed according to ergonomic principles.

The BFB-2 (S-D) Forming Machine is ideal for forming boxes or trays that require the closure of the fund by glue, snap hooks or cuffed.

Built on a sturdy frame in painted iron or stainless steel AISI 304 (optional) and side panels made of aluminum alloy with high resistance, use materials that blend well with the food industry; also the onboard cabinet can be supplied in AISI 304 (optional).

The simplicity of construction grants a quick and easy maintenance, with consequent cost savings.

The BFB-2 Forming Machine can be equipped with a single trainer “S” or double “D”; the magazine suits various configurations using simple adjustments to be made through leaflets prepared. The loading tray has been designed according to ergonomic principles.

The entire working area is protected by transparent polycarbonate panels with reduced encumbrance allowing greater freedom of access during maintenance. The additional protection through safety microswitches in class 4, makes the Forming Machine BFB-2 respondent to the current CE legislation.