Automation & Packaging

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A state-of-the-art quality standard

Bianco, Alba (CN)

Bianco Engineering, even more powerful today due to the merge with FDM, boasts a twenty-year experience in the design and manufacture of machines and automatic lines for packaging and industrial automation, in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. The technical, mechanical and electronic divisions employ CAD CAM 3D Work Stations and software development environment for PC, PLC, CN, and robotics, that guarantee a state-of-the-art technological quality standard.

The Packaging division manufactures:
• vertical and horizontal cartoners
• box forming machines
• box closing machines
• automated cartoning stations
• electronic cluster packaging systems
• palletizing stations
• horizontal electronic flowpack
• twist wrapping cartoners
• shrink wrappers for trays in preformed plastic
• special machines prototypes

The Product processing division manufactures:
• automatic single-serve ultrasonic cutting machines
• high-speed ultrasonic multi-cut cutting stations
• automatic sandwiching machines with chocolate or cream filling system (e.g. baci di dama, macarons)
• baking tray loading/unloading systems

The Automotive division specializes in the manufacture of:
• automated stations with artificial vision systems
• metal sheet and plastic welding machines
• ultrasonic welding and cutting machines for plastics
• automatic setup and testing equipment
• automatic glue dispensers for moulded profiles