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B Bianco Ecotest It allows to fulfill in complete safety the testing and checking of solenoid valves and connection lines, as well as emptying and recovery of CNG cylinder, which is in the storage equipments installed on board of bus, vans and heavy lorries. Ecotest B allows the testing of six CNG cylinders at the same time; through the touch-screen panel is possible to select the desired power tension, by getting suitable the use on the cars as well.

S Bianco Ecotest That's the version dedicated to the motorcars, which can test and check only one CNG cylinder with a power tension of the electro-valve of 12V. As well as for B Ecotest there's the possibility for S Ecotest to test and check the connection line and to accomplish the emptying and recovery of CNG cylinder.

L Bianco Ecotest That's the version only dedicated to the emptying and recovering of CNG cylinder. That's the ideal product for customer who wants an economic and reliable system by observing the rules about gas loss in the environment and by getting the complete recovery to a further employment.

UVB Kit This kit includes different kind of mechanical and electrical connections, which allow the employment of Ecotest machine on different kind of solenoid valves handled by the most important manufacturers. Different adapters will be supplied by Bianco Engineering on customer's demand.

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