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Copyright All documents, images, trademarks as well as any other information edited and reproduced within the present Web site is sole propriety of (or otherwise conceded by third parties in use to) Bianco S.p.A. and any other kind of reproduction is therefore strictly forbidden.

Responsibility of Bianco S.p.A. No legal responsibility can be taken for any of the contents within the present Web site and regarding its eventual use by third parties: this is especially valid for any eventual contamination derived from the access, interconnection, downloading of several materials as well as IT programs from this Web site. Therefore Bianco S.p.A. will not be considered responsible for any kind of damage, loss, prejudice of any sort, which third parties are ever likely to undergo, as a direct consequence of a contact with the present Web site, or as a result of the use of any of the contents within the present Web site or in relation with employed software packages. Bianco S.p.A. can easily employ eventual information, possibly communicated spontaneously by third parties to the present Web site.

Processing of the Personal Data The Personal Data and the Internet Browsing Data (hereinafter referred to as the "Data") automatically collected by this website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), including data collected by means of automated systems or voluntarily inserted by the User or Subject concerned, is collected for the purposes and processed according to the methods and procedures described hereinafter.

Identification details of the Data controller The Data Controller is Bianco S.p.a., strada tagliata, 18 - 12051 Alba (CN) - Italy - VAT Reg. no. 02683390047. For any type of request, you can contact us by e-mail at:

Description of the Data The Data that may be collected by this website includes the name and surname, the address, telephone number, e-mail, fax, tax code, IP address, and other Data that can be referred to the User's personal details or to the technical procedures adopted by the User to access the Site. In the event that sensitive Data is disclosed by the User (personal information that reveals the racial and ethnic origin of the user, his/her religious, philosophical, or other forms of beliefs, membership in a political party, trade union(s), associations, and organizations of religious, philosophical, political, or union-related type, including personal data that reveals the health and sexual preferences of the user), the subject concerned may be required to grant approval that his/her data be processed. The internet browsing Data that enables the user to make use of the Site must be submitted and its disclosure is not optional. The User is not required to provide the remaining Data and can do so freely, unless otherwise specified on the Site. The Data Controller's impossibility to process certain Data (i.e. contact information or addresses, or information concerning the behavior or preferences of the user, etc.) may preclude it from being able to provide the services available through the Site. If the User makes use of the Site to publish or at any rate share the personal Data of third subjects, he/she is fully responsible for doing so: the User guarantees that he/she is entitled to disclose or distribute the personal Data of third subjects and that he/she has first informed those subjects that he/she will be disclosing their data, holding the Site harmless for the instrumental processing of latter data.

Procedures used to Process the collected Data and place where the Data is processed

Processing procedure The Data Controller will process the Data of the Subjects concerned and of the Users according to law and will adopt the appropriate security measures to prevent its unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. The data will be processed with the aid of computerized and/or electronic systems, and will be organized and ordered according to the purposes described herein. In certain circumstances, other categories of assigned subjects involved in structuring the Site may have access to the Data in addition to the Data Controller (i.e. administrative, sales, marketing, and legal personnel, system administrators) or, in other words, subjects external to the company (such as suppliers of third technical service, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, advertising agencies), who may if necessary be appointed Data Processors or configured as independent subjects in charge of the Data. The User will at all times be entitled to request an updated list of the Data Processors and/or independent subjects in charge, by contacting the e-mail address listed above.

Place where the Data is processed The Data is processed at the offices of the Data Controller and is stored at the office of the Provider. Processing of the Data outside of countries members of the European Union may require the authorization by the User or Subject concerned.

Times The Data is processed for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the User, and the User can demand that the data be deleted from the Site server at any time, provided that the request be founded on legitimate reasons.

Purposes for which the collected Data is processed The Data of the User or Subject concerned is collected in order to:
- provide the service or deliver the goods purchased on the Site and, more in general, for administrative-accounting or technical purposes;
- answer specific requests for information submitted by the User;
- update the User on new products or services available on the Site or brief him/her of any special commercial deals;
- inform the User that maintenance is being carried out on the Site or of any disservices;
- make a marketing profile of the User;
- display advertising banners related to the User's personal interests (behavioral targeting/advertising);
- defend the Site Owner in court or during preparatory work to launch the Site against abuse inflicted by the User when using the Site or its related services.
The User or Subject concerned may be required to grant explicit authorization for the Controller to process some of the data (when sending out promotional newsletters, for marketing profiling purposes, behavioral advertising, geo-location, etc.).
Specific informational notices may be posted on the Site pages as to special services or processing of the Data disclosed by the User or by the Subject concerned.

Services offered by this website The User or Subject concerned may be required to freely and specifically grant consent that the Data be used for other, additional purposes by the Controller, or to provide services that require cooperation with third subjects, who are listed hereinafter.
- E-mail management
These services, which are provided by third subjects, allow the Site to manage and monitor lists of e-mail addresses used to communicate with the User online.
- Direct Email Marketing (DEM) (this website)
This Site is entitled to use the User's Data, if previously authorized by the User to do so, to send marketing proposals to the User related to services and products supplied by third subjects. The data controller can advertise products or services that are similar to those sold to the subject concerned without need for the subject's approval, but the subject concerned is in this case (as specified under the next point F) entitled to object that new advertising messages be sent to him/her at any given moment. The personal data collected is: the E-mail address.

Services provided by third subjects who may have access to the Data Certain services provided by third subjects are made available to the Users through this Site. How this information is collected and used by the above third subjects is governed by the respective privacy policy statements.
- Statistics
The services supplied by third subjects and included in this section are used to keep track of the User's behavior and may require explicit consent by the User when outlining his/her marketing profile.
- Shinystat
Shinystat is a web-analysis service provided by Shiny S.r.l. ("Shiny") that uses cookies to collect the User's data, which are forwarded and recorded in Shiny's servers. Shiny uses this information to track and study how the Site is used, file reports, and supply other services related to the Site's business and to Internet navigation. Shiny may use the Data to profile the User and to send him/her advertising messages on products and/or services distributed by Shiny or by third subjects. Place where the Data is processed: Italy; For more detailed information visit:
The personal data collected are: Cookies and IP address.

Rights that the Subjects concerned are entitled to exercise The subjects to whom the Data refer have the right at any given moment to receive confirmation that their data is on file at the offices of the Data Controller, to be informed on its contents and source, to check that the data is accurate or to request that it be integrated with other data, deleted, updated, corrected, transformed anonymously, or to forbid that the data be processed if in breach of the law, as well as to oppose that it be processed, provided that the objection be founded on legitimate reasons. All requests must be submitted to the Data Controller at the address indicated in the section "Data Controller" or to the Data Processor responsible for handling requests to access the data, where applicable.

Information concerning this privacy policy This privacy policy is independently drafted by the Data Controller, who assumes full responsibility for its contents.
Definitions and legal references
- Personal data
Any information related to an individual who has been identified or who may be identified, even indirectly, by referring to any other information, including a personal ID number.
- Internet Browsing Data
Data collected automatically by the Site, among which: the IP addresses or the domain names of the computers used by the User who logs onto the Site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, the time the request is submitted, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file sent in the answer message, the number code that indicates the status of the server's response (successful, error, etc.), the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and the operating system used by the subject visiting the site, the various temporal connotations of the visit (i.e. the time the user was logged on each page), and the details of the path the visitor followed within the Site with special reference to the sequence of the pages viewed, other parameters related to the operating system, and the computing environment of the User.
- User
Refers to the subject who benefits of the services or products available on the Site.
- Subject concerned
The individual to whom the Personal Data refers.
- Data Controller
The individual, legal entity, the public administration, or any other agency/authority, association, or body appointed by the Data Controller.
- Data Controller
The individual, legal entity, the public administration, and any other agency/authority, association, or body who is responsible, including jointly with the controller, for the decisions made on the purposes, the data processing procedures, and the instruments used, including the security profile as pertains to the functioning and usage of this Site.

Legal references This privacy policy is prepared in fulfillment of the obligations established by Art. 10 of Directive no. 95/46/CE, and in fulfillment of Directive 2002/58/CE, as per the updates made to it by Directive 2009/136/CE concerning internet cookies.
This privacy policy only concerns the Site and does not refer to other Sites that may include hyperlinks.




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